Here at Rebel Paws Rescue our goal is to save the lives of dogs by means of rescue and transportation. We also aim to provide proper medical care as well as spay/neuter each dog. Ultimately we wish to adopt them out to loving families and educate there new families on a number of different things. Rebel Paws Rescue was founded March 29, 2016 by Tonya, Belinda, Nancy and Tess. Four women with a passion for life of all kinds, particularly dogs in need. 

Almost every neighborhood and household has a dog, some of them are in need of something, whether the guardians do not have the means to provide for the dog or the dog has an unnoticed health concern. Our goal is to provide both knowledge and assistance. To help educate guardians to become a more informed pet parent. Encouraging and promoting community involvement to help the strays of the neighborhood find their homes again.
The number of animals in shelters is astoundingly high, and growing, and helping keep the population of dogs down by providing spay and neuter services is an ongoing task. There are also dogs in these very same shelters that are on the list to be euthanized because of lack of resources, even the simpler cases, which just need someone to work through the behavioral challenges many of these dogs face. These are not bad dogs, they just need to find someone willing to help them become the dog they are meant to be, a companion. Transporting these dogs to other cities and even states could be a pivotal moment in the dog’s life, giving them a second opportunity to have a loving family life. 
On occasion there are circumstances where the guardian is in a position where they are unable to keep their dog. Once the dog has been relinquished to our care, we will assess the dog’s behavior and temperament, and any medical needs that should be addressed. After the initial assessment of the dog, we aim to find an appropriate and loving home for the dog or depending on its needs we will transport and transfer it to a better equipped facility. 
Helping the dogs of homeless guardians is not something very many people consider. They are subjected to the winter cold and the summer heat and we aim to help by providing jackets, water, food and other needs while building a rapport with the guardian. Sometimes medical intervention may be necessary; sometimes it is just about getting the dog spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations. 
Unfortunately, incarceration for what ever reason, is something that affects dogs too. When guardians end up going to jail, for even a short amount of time, these dogs often have nowhere to go and the local law enforcement are forced to have the animal transported to the shelter. Some guardians come back for their dog and some, sadly, do not. Providing a place that is not in the shelter where these dogs can still have a place to feel safe and loved is important to the dog’s well-being. 
Educating guardians encourages the bond between them to become stronger. Providing fresh water and feeding them multiple meals a day, taking them out for a walk creates a trusting and loving relationship. Providing education to the guardians regarding basic medical needs, vaccinations, and the benefits on the dog’s life to spay or neuter, and even bringing them inside where they can be a part of the family life inside of the home. How to keep the dog safe and secured when they are outside and still following all local laws is something that is changing in just about every county in New Mexico. Explaining these laws and assisting is something we strive to do.