​Welcome to the Rebel Paws Rescue website. We are a small rescue group here in Albuquerque, NM. Our sole purpose is to keep the dogs we help with their guardians. There are so many dogs who need just the simple things in life such as dog food, jackets, collars, leashes, some vaccinations and of course to spay/neuter. On some occasions we also offer transportation to dogs that are traveling to get to a new home or destination. Here in Albuquerque, there is an inordinate amount of homeless population and they often have dogs and we focus our efforts here so that the dogs are taken care of in all ways and can still remain with their person. Building trust with all of our Street Rebels is something we take very seriously. Across the United States rescues work together to get dogs from California all the way to Flordia, from Montana to the deepest parts of Texas and Louisiana. We are thankful to take part in any and all of these coordinated efforts. Relocating is hard on humans, these dogs require patience and understanding and above all love, as many of them lost their human and are unsure of everything that is happening. Thank you for checking our page out, enjoy the pictures, and any donation is tax deductible and we thank you in advance for them!